What:     Youth Sunday Worship Service
                Services which allows the youth to openly praise and worship God among other youths during this pandemic.
   Who:    Mt. Carmel Baptist Church will host Youth Sunday Worship Service
                Youth 3 – 15 years of age
 When:    Every Sunday for 10:00am – 11:00 am Starting on November 1, 2020
Where:    The Zoom invite below is the one we are scheduling to use. I know in the Zoom room it says Sunday School.  That is specifically designed for long range planning.  I pray you are able to embed the link into a message and not have to use the title Sunday School.  If
                this link does not work because it is identified as “Sunday School”, let me know and I will try something new.  In addition, the telephone number to login by calling is listed below.

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Why:    The purpose of the Youth Sunday Worship Service is to reengage our youth in worshiping God. To feed their spiritual needs. Throughout the pandemic, our leadership has worked on an alternative to worship service as we know it.  This, for the most part, has focused on

            adult services.  We have a need to provide an alternative for our children. Our leadership believes this is a good and wholesome alternative for our children.  
How:    This will take an asserted effort from all of us (MCBC Leadership Council, youth ministry, church ministries, parents, and most of all our youth) to ensure its success.  We will continue implementing the plan attached and revise it as necessary for more efficiency.